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My Bengal is under a curse. It is suffering from a peculiar disease of ‘Wahabi secularism’ which is amalgamated with Islamic fundamentalism & Bhadralok communism & sugar coated with urban Naxalism. A dark spell has engulfed the land of  revolutionaries & casted a magic spell under which the common Bengalis are trapped & intoxicated & the tragedy is they don’t even know it or realize it nor are they trying to shake it up and get rid of it. This reminds me of Selina Kyle’s line in The Dark Knight Rises when she says ‘May be I like the city in this way’.

But my dear Bongs this city is infected by time bomb & no matter what you feel, it will burst and then you will neither enjoy nor have the time to repent on your past actions or rather inactions.

In my previous article Mamata is building a ‘New Bengal’ under Modi’s ‘New India’, I referred to instances of humiliation & threats faced by Bengali Hindus. Not even Ma Durga & Saraswati is safe. Without repeating them again and in the context of Basirhat incident I would rather like to suggest how to #MakeBengalGreatAgain and throw the infectious disease out of Bengal.

First of all Narendra Modi Govt needs to step up & fasten Indo-Bangladesh Border Sealing process. Indo-Bangladesh border is a long & difficult border with rough terrain, dense Sunderban jungles & flowing streams & rivers. Sk. Haseena has acted more strongly on Islamic fundamentalists than Mamata Banerjee and this has led to rapid migration & influx of Bangladeshi Jaamatis in Bengal. It needs to be checked & stopped.

A treaty needs to be signed with Bangladesh with the state government in mix that- who so ever crosses the border knowingly or unknowingly will be dealt under a separate strong law & will be punished heavily. No more trespasses inside our Matru-Bhumi please.

The problem is water channels & the river-ways which are difficult to be bordered. Using drones could solve our problems. Much like in the US-Mexico Border.

The US government now patrols nearly half the Mexican border by drones alone in a largely unheralded shift to control desolate stretch. Under the new approach, Predators sweep remote mountains, canyons and rivers with a high-resolution video camera and return within three days for another video in the same spot. The two videos are then overlaid for analysts who use sophisticated software to identify tiny changes– perhaps the tracks of a farmer or cows, perhaps those of immigrants who entered the country illegally or a drug-laden. This could be costly but believe me we need this more than F-16 fighter planes.

The next step should be to flushing out the already present illegal Bangladeshi immigrants inside Bengal. Now this decision requires courage conviction & firm resolution. But Narendra Modi has that kind of mandate and support from people of India. Each & every district of Bengal and each lanes & by-lanes should be looked & mapped.

Ration cards should be linked with Aadhar and every bogus Ration card holder should be interrogated by central investigation agencies. A Govt survey on population and the change in demography pattern could be undertaken. Hindus who have migrated from villages of Birbhum and Nadia should be resettled and adequate security should be given to them.

In fact, I would urge Modi govt to go one step further & formulate laws for Bangladeshi Hindus to settle in Bengal. Even Kolkata the capital of Bengal is undergoing a radical Islamisation. The Gullies & Mohallas of Topsia Park circus Metiabruz are swarming with anti India elements. Illegal drug smuggling and arms business are flourishing. Bomb making factories are sprouting in the heart of city like wild grass in botanical garden. You can see an entirely different India if you visit one of these areas during Friday Jumma Namaaz. Much like in Kashmir where inflammatory slogans are shouted from mosques and call for Jihad is made.

The funding of Madrassas and their teachings should be closely monitored. It is here that the seeds of Jihadi ideology is sown. TMC’s MPs like Idris Ali and Hasan should be questioned for their Jamati links. They were the ones who organised a massive pro Yakub Memon rally in posh area of South Kolkata at the time of his hanging.

Illegal Bangladeshis which are caught in the due process should be deported without thinking much about the secular and Award Wapsi brigade. Let them return some more awards. Let the NGOs & human rights activist cry at top of their voice. Let the international propaganda news outlet publish anti-India article. That should not deter Narendra Modi and his govt. Bengal needs to be saved and that is all which is to be kept in mind.

Awareness is another important segment- lot of orthodox Bangalis who are not on social media are completely misled by local news channel particularly by ABP Ananda. According to their editor in chief Suman De they are trying to maintain ‘communal’ harmony among people so they are not showing in details about the incident. Strange! Very strange! Hence, an independent Bengali news media is need of the hour. A very important step which could change the process of thinking among locals.

Lastly the local Bengali Hindus must wake up from their slumber. Enough of this Bhadralok attitude & false secular ‘Bhaichara’. They must remember Secularism is a two way street. Our ancient & greatly revered Bengali culture is in danger.

Its time to get your act together my fellow Bangalis & stand united behind the country & not your false & flawed model of ‘inclusive’ Bengal & ‘secular’ Bengal.




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Durga Pujo or ‘Saradautsav’ needs no introduction. The fragrance of Shiuli & white dancing Kash flowers in the lush fields along with the clear blue sky with patches of woolly clouds brings us the message ‘Ma Asche’ A festival which not only represents Bengal but has a link to each & every home in India.

Durga Puja is celebrated every year in the Hindu month of Ashwin (September-October) and commemorates Ram’s  invocation of the goddess before going to war with the demon king Ravana. This autumnal ritual was different from the conventional Durga Puja, which is usually celebrated in the springtime. So, this Puja is also known as ‘Akal-Bodhan’ or out-of-season (‘Akal’) worship (‘Bodhan’). Thus goes the story of Lord Ram, who first worshiped the ‘Mahishasura Mardini’ or the slayer of the buffalo-demon, by offering 108 blue lotuses and lighting 108 lamps, at this time of the year.

Ma along with her children Ganesh, Kartik Lakshmi & Saraswati descends from Kailash her abode & visits her ‘Baaperbari’. It is celebrated over a span of 10 days starting from Mahalaya. The dusky evergreen voice of Birendra Kishor Bhadra on the auspicious day sets the tone & drives the Bangalis into a frenziness.

The festival comes to an end on Vijay ‘Dashami’ when the goddess along with her children are immersed! Durga Ma returns to her home Kailash. It is a unique day.

A day of sorrow & happiness. Sorrow as the wait for 1 more year starts. Happy because it is the day when all family members gather & rise to occasion, an old Bengali tradition. Younger ones touch elder’s feet as a mark of respect & is followed by kola-Kuli (a unique way of hugging).

But things have changed post 2015 & Indians have left the Bengalis alone to face the wrath. In 2015 , Vijay Dashami was followed by Muharram & Mamata Banerjee issued a strange dictate which baffled the common Bengali.

As per the govt notification it said: “NO DURGA IDOL including the ones at home could not be immersed on Dashami as it is followed by Muharram”.
Reason: It could create a communal hatred among communities & destroy the secular fabric of Bengal. (IN THE SAME YEAR a Muslim majority village called Kanglapahari in Birbhum was not allowed to celebrate Durga puja as it is ‘Unislamic’. The state was mum.The ‘nationalistic’ BJP govt in centre did nothing except few twitter trends). Bengalis were visibly disappointed on the ‘Vijay Dashami’ dictate but ‘Bhadralok’ Bangali thought it was just an aberration & compromised without giving a fight.

But oh boy they were proven wrong. In 2016 again the same thing happened. But there was 2 difference in that year:
1) This time Mamata Didi didn’t wait. A notification was issued as early as 3 months before Puja that this year also no immersion on Dashami.
Reason: same.
2) The ‘bhadraloks ‘ this time was angered. Even somehard core tmc supporters was in a discomfort with the ‘secular’ decision .

Few brave Bengali families decided to go to court & urged Kolkata HC to take cognizance & allow family pujo idols to do immersion. Though it was late it created a rage in social media & supports from other parts of countries started pouring in. Finally the court order came just 2 days before ‘Sashti’ the 1st day of Pujo & it was humiliation for State govt.

The HC said & I quote:

“There has been a clear endeavour on the part of the state government to pamper and appease the minority section of the public at the cost of the majority section without there being any plausible justification.” The families which approached court was thus granted permission for immersion. There was a reason for rejoice!

But at the same time many felt why they have to approach to court to celebrate their festival which is carrying on from centuries. Nearly one year have passed & less than 90 days are remaining for Durga Puja 2017 & strangely this time again Vijay Dashami is followed by Muharram. And I can vouch this time again Mamata will issue a similar dictate.

Why shouldn’t we take the 1st step this time? Why should we wait to suffer the same fate again? My fellow Indians from all over the country its time to come together. ‘Har saal Durga Ma aati hain, Burai ka nash karti hain, Sab ka maan kushio se bhaar deti hain Aur phir apne ghar chale jati hain’

We should ensure that Durga Ma can go her ‘Ghar’ her abode in Kailash back to her Shivji in a dignified way without humiliation.

The responsibility lies with all the Indians Ma Durga is in Danger. If we don’t wake up now who knows there may be a ‘dictat’ in future by secular liberal & ‘feminist’ jaamat which would say: “Durga puja needs to be stopped because Durga Puja is a controversial, racial festival, where a fair-skinned, beautiful goddess Durga is depicted brutally killing a dark-skinned native called Mahishasur. They hired a sex worker called Durga who enticed him into marriage and killed him after nine nights of honeymoon”.

Sounds familiar already right (JNU pamphlets)?
Wake up. Jaago Tumi Jaago!



Mr. Narendra Mdownload (18)odi after UP election result announced his new mission ‘New India’. Little did he know Bengal  CM Mamata Banerjee was way ahead of him & started building a ‘New Bengal’.

A Bengal which no one has seen till now & a Bengal where there is no place for ‘ Hindus’. Systematic way & process is being followed by the establishment in this ‘New Bengal’ to humiliate & torment Bengalis. The establishment not only includes ruling TMC party led by Mamata but opposition parties like CPM & Congress, the local media & the intellectuals & Bhadraloks of Bengal.

In this ‘New Bengal’ the Saree is now replaced by Burkha. The state festival in this ‘New  Bengal ‘ is not Durga Puja but Eid ul Fitar & Muharram. A ‘New Bengal’ where Bomb making is the new profession because it empowers & provides job opportunity for a community. So what if NIA had caught them red handed in Khagragar.

A ‘new Bengal’ where one community has special rights and grants to destroy & vandalize public property & torch police stations & vehicles. This is a new Bengal where IPC doesn’t apply. True justice is served only by following sharia. A ‘new Bengal’ where Goddess ‘Saraswati’ is no longer safe because some community is against idol worship. A New Bengal where students are thrashed by police because they want to celebrate Saraswati Puja in school.

On the other hand in this New Bengal police are thrashed by fanatics of a community because they have orders from top not to hurt minority feelings. A ‘new Bengal’ where statues of Kali & Durga are covered in black clothes so that communal harmony is maintained when a procession by a particular community is taken out. This is also a new Bengal where local news channels like ABP Ananda & the star anchor Suman De has time to discuss about Gau Rakshaks in Rajasthan & UP but doesn’t find time to do a single episode on Dhulagarh riots & Tehatta.

A new Bengal where intellectuals & Tollywood stars are worried about Ram Navami procession but is blind to Malda & Kaliachak riots. A new Bengal where intellectuals feel that Modi is muzzling the voice of minorities but don’t find strong enough reasons to protest against ban on Durga Puja in a village in Birbhum district where Hindus are minorities.

This is a New Bengal where demanding sharia law, grants to imams and vandalizing police stations is new normal. This is  New Bengal where one cares about UP but doesn’t have time to see the violence inflicted on Bengali Hindus. A New Bengal where #Notinmyname rallies are taken out but no one bothers about rise in Islamic fundamentalists. This a New Bengal where any riots inflicted by a particular community is termed as ‘Chut Put Ghatna’ or ‘Sajaano Ghotana’.

Welcome to my new Sonar Bangla (for that particular community).